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Related article: Date : Sun, 28 November 2004 15 59th 08 -0400 From: Ruthless nbnet u003cruthless. nb ca u003e Subject: aims to be aspirational gay gay. Not as bad as they say, waking up to discover Ls Girls Bbs that you have leukemia, but I think it is up to Ls Girls Bbs saying is that you are a diabetic. My father is a doctor, so they tend to think of disaster medical metaphors. As a diabetic means that they are happy to eat, where and when, and perhaps what you want. You can not go to parties da can not drink. And maybe you will go blind or I'll cut the legs. being gay is going to Ls Girls Bbs be just as bad. You can not go to parties, because that nobody wants. Boom. The moment someone finds out you're right, the end of the battery with fresh spastic children in special schools. His best friends nervous around him. Less than a week later, there are and not hang out with you. Uh, no, this afternoon, Michael. I I have to do my homework. Right. The task has only Terry is Copy ofcall me or complain about me, I read about my answers the phone in the morning before school. But I could imagine vividly. Perhaps no one will tell you that you have to cut the legs a unless you're Ls Girls Bbs gay, but what about getting AIDS, huh ? I think I could live with as a cripple, if you really, really needed. No one survived to get AIDS. When I was in elementary school, there was a girl at school, I had it. She was a little creepy thing, a class younger than me, with a permanent runny nose. And every time someone spoke to her or about her, changed their votes, in a sad little COO, than the noise. the same is what happens when people talk about me. Their voices will change, type of laughter, embarrassment, just talk to me. And if I'm not there, Wheee ! To get the votes go, songs to sing as children : Na -na- na-na -na- na Michael - I - A- boyfriend. She died. So do not be die. I do not get AIDS. But at least try to be nice,r. is ok. I'd rather be dead than alive and happy. However, even it sucks. I have a terminal illness. I can not fool me. I will be gay, until I die. I think that gay people have it easier in the fifties. I mean, at that time You had something to think about themselves. So I looked Stewie Coburn and has an erection. So what ? Musta been my pants tight. I mean, I 'm still trying to marry my high school time and have children. No have no choice about it. At least you could say, it was not true, , was not it. It was not so easy these days. There was no gay rights movement. But now they know they have to say. "It could be a stage... " But too bad smile. They do not believe a word. It is the only word that use to get used to think it will be slow. Phase. Ls Girls Bbs Fuck it. No, there phase. I saw Judy White Marsh tits, and I remember I could, what was the pink nipples were. They seemed irritated or chapped raw. I means it is not truewants Vaseline on them or something? and I saw Stewie Coburn, who stood before his locker, with his eyes almost closed rubber, because it was only eight clock the morning and with the mouth slightly open, ridiculous. And crouched because I was not awake enough to know where he was scratched and nuts. Boom. It was not even see how he could do what I had in that country. or You could call it Stewie Coburn remotely cute. He wore baggy gray sweats, have been a eunuch, but it was enough, in any case, there was to know scratched eggs. My jeans get a puffy bow tie. Joy. never Ls Girls Bbs going to be a value, n out of bed in the morning again. Ever. But at least it was Saturday. I could be there and that is how my life was destroyed. I did not get up and rush to School and forehand on the false normality. I got to my pillow. Forgery of that, yes. My life stretched out before Ls Girls Bbs me sad. Not pretending. If I let it anybDistinguish Ody, admission to high n , while I Ls Girls Bbs was still in high school. Be true to yourself, she s say. Law, and the same was true, to cover, so not be the butt of every joke in school. The cylinder head. That was a joke , okay ? So just keep working hard over, and I would like a girl and I would do much with her, to show that it was not, in all cases once someone \\ \\ n suspected me. I was not going to score with a girl. I had been in no hurry about it. But you better do it now. That was the plan. He pretends to be pretending, rather than a total kewl loser, and then once I was old enough to fly away from here, get some great City, where I could get lost in promiscuous sex gay n dirty public bathrooms. Yuck. What we are planning for a lifetime. I sat on the bed. No doubt. The idea of ​​creating a tight little shiver of interest in the abdomen. lost in promiscuous gay sex in... As if what I want! But my body i becomest same. I put on my jeans. Then I took them off. I filled my room dad s in my Joe Boxer and lent me a pair of his sweats. My jeans runs into. We do not know who or what came before to give me a hard on now. I would be a Journal of Stewie have book and use my pants so loose that could hide a football in the folds of the fabric, let alone an erection. Now I knew what a short -term project I had in mind. I had to go buy the greatest , freshest baggiest pants I could find at the mall. Short term: buy a pair hide in the long run : a girl and fuck find. I was at the foot of the stairs, "Mo - om ! " No answer. I went to the kitchen. "Mom! " My father sat at the table eating cereal. " She has ido out. " He looked tired. He always looked tired. I told him my father was a doctor. Well, it was his fault, I'm gay. He is never around. He is always up in the middle of the night to go to work. Yes I am gay for meI have no kind of father figure, and I lost my mother grew up. And there goes my chance to convince you to buy 70 goats to go pants. " Where did she go ? " I lost audio needs. My father looked up. " I do not know, Mike. You did not say. " I saw it and wondered how much money he had in his wallet. My mom s by all accounts. He is always in the hospital. It's about finance ot ever be paid in time. " Tomorrow, Mike. " He gave his best to look for life. I took the box of cereal. "You go to work today? " " Only one. " He smiled a little for me. I sat down to him and poured the cereal. Cheerios. No fat, no sugar, no preservatives. that healthy food in our house. They know well, however. Do not say anything. He has not tried to have a conversation, so we sat there , and looked at each other and ate cereal. Maybe he realized I saw instead of him reading the cereal box. He was surprised to see the point of. " Dad, " Mar IID. " What if I'm gay ? " An expression of intense pain came over his face, like as if I had said, I was in science class for the rest of mandate of the boot for n to be caught in traps. He just looked at me. " I mean, I think, " I clarified. I could not believe I had said. Here I had planned to tell anyone. This is the kind of thing I do not want tell anyone. Unless I was much older. And I've done and said, father of all people. " Why do you think you're gay ? " He said. " I like boys. " ate his cereal in the trace. Maybe he had forgotten to stop of food. He was moving in slow motion. The expression of stomach pain or did not leave his face. " Maybe you're bisexual? " He said. "I mean, you like it and girls still like it. You do not have to commit to a lifestyle. Could be both. " It began to look serious and not in pain. "It is necessary that n think that because he had feelings of kids who do not always have feelings for girls. You canbe both. " " I had to think a little of that, " I lied. " You are... uh, the thrills? " I looked at the table. My father was embarrassed. I made ​​it easier for to him, not the eyes. He scribbled with the tip of the spoon on the tablecloth vinyl. "Sometimes. " I looked again. My father was very tired. I mean, really, very, very tired. I thought I could fall asleep and in his cereal, only to escape the conversation. was the sinking shoulders. why not talk to my father, not much. is too tired to raise a child. But who else could I say ? is sex. not really \\ \\ n his mother, the boys talk about sex. will be the Father, the tells his son the facts of life. So I do not have to feel guilty that I had ido y said that if he too tired to complete it was. We were only with a man who speaks to man. A Man for Girl talk, that is. " I do not think you have to draw conclusions from his sexuality, "said my father, attentioncompletely. "When you are probably thinking you're gay, that. But this is a great... " He trailed off. I meant Decision n. I know he was. He thought I had decided to be gay to get attention of some s. "... Conclusion. May take a little while, child, to decide, how much she means to you. " "I'm not out of the house ? " I asked. dialed. I have a different aspect of pain on his face. " It... know your mother and I... Michael, you always have a place here if you're gay or not. " He knew he would say something like that , but I soaked anyway, I heard. N " I do not mean a mistake of his father. " " You are not. This is important. " I looked down. " I do not think anyone out there. " anything. He looked worried. " I guess I have to hide. Until high school. " nodded. He thought it was a good choice. To get your own even true, do not seem to have much weight with him either. that a sigh. " I do not like that," he said. " You are very sacid? " " The diagnosis fit the symptoms to one hundred percent, " said disgruntled shrugged sympathetically. Then he began slowly. " You know, Michael, provided that you decide to experiment, there are certain risks connected to a gay lifestyle, which are stronger than boys and girls activities... " Bingo. I thought bitterly. AIDS. As soon as I recognize that I am gay is that The first thing anyone thinks. Predictable. No wonder that my taste I would like avoided the plague. think you are, I have the plague. " Any activity involving genital contact... "He started. " Yes I know. "I cut him off. " Exchange of bodily fluids. Through the mouth or... Yes Use a condom. I know all this. " " is, uh, dental, if you want... " He stopped. " to what you want? " There was silence. I was too embarrassed to describe it. I was to make embarrassing. Shadows of the possibility of a context, including my father, but the periphery, were unimaginable. but he's a doctor. He ie, non - predictable used. Cut "oral -anal can contact... " "Yuck ! " Dad. I put my lips swollen since I had a swallow vomit. "You will find that an experiment ! " " This is good. But you know how to do it safely. A latex barrier. " I stuck my tongue out like a stream of water and made ​​a grimace of disgust. "I I think I'll stay a virgin until she is eighteen years. At least I have no to actually do something with a guy, even if I in any way funny. No gay self single guy in my high school, so it does not seem a being capable,... " my voice was in the wrong word. "... Dude, if I tried. " My father had managed to finish his cereal. I do not know how. "No tell Mom, okay ? " I said. " I wanna be the only thing I say. " "will not" he promised. My cereal was frozen in a sticky mess. I ate it anyway. I father stood up and put his dish in the dishwasher. "I'll go back to work, " he said, adding. " I just wanted to have a lie insome hour ", I said. " Somehow I can not say that sleep in the position. "It was to take a shower. House mooching went to Guy. I had to keep my taste provided they do not know. I really should have been Hunt, is a girl, but I do not know how. had no telephone girl number. Guy Stewie and shot a basket on the drive. jumped and Stewie intercepted the ball. "Hey, guys! " I threw it on the tires and Guy not to intercept. Both were single duck. I was surprised. A wave of terror ran through me. O Ls Girls Bbs God, who are suspicious, and do not want , depend on and I "What is Amatter ? "I said. " Nothin Ls Girls Bbs "'said Guy. " What? " I repeated. They were not trying to keep my eyes, only looking worried and confused. Were busy, that's all. Began to return the ball and held it, and nobody called him a failure. n "is nothing," said Guy. " The Wayne ass, says he will off HimselTomorrow f " Stewie said. " He is ? " We were standing on the road to play oblivion. " Why? " I said. " I do not know. " Stewie, the nose rubbed the heel of the palm of your hand. " He had a reason, Ls Girls Bbs " I Ls Girls Bbs said. Wayne Guy was the best friend. Lived in Ls Girls Bbs the house type next door. probably was He looks out the window of his room with us right then. with a little effort, I kept my head spinning, so I'm not too to see the glass. " He 's really going on is to do," said Guy. was not rigid view of all introspective. " " " Why tomorrow? is Sunday. He says he may not go to hell if you do on a Sunday. " " Ls Girls Bbs if you Ls Girls Bbs really want to, not do it now? "I said. I let the ball go. Neither said anything. I saw one and then the else. No one seemed to be no enthusiasm for the launch baskets. have " Want to go to the pool? "He suggested vaguely Stewie. " Where is it? "I asked. Head Guy pointing away from the windows above us. "Are you asleep? If you do not... When a man is, Thou shalt not suicidal n left alone. You shall keep someone with him," I said. We have individual remained in the back door of Wayne. Wayne 's mother was there y gave us a dirty look. He liked the noise we made. Stewie in particular, it was like a thousand elephants up the stairs with his air hikers flapping. somehow I felt satisfied. I did not want something to happen that Wayne, but a crisis like this was good for me. That meant that no Ls Girls Bbs one looked at me suspiciously. It meant I did not think that you-know- what for a while. Wayne was in bed with the covers pulled above the knees and a magazine in your lap. Guy Stewie and put on the side, but Guy closed the door. I sat at the foot of the bed. Wayne looked bleak. " The guys tell me, no, longer lives," he said. not say yes or no. " what you really want to do this? " I said. nodded. " You have a plan? " nodDed again. This again. "My life is shit. Everyone would be better if I just get the hell out here. " " Why? " I said. murmured sadly, but there was no explanation, just a dirty word. n "How do? " "I will roll my head," he said. "I can get the key to my gun cabinet of his brother. He just keeps the ammunition in a drawer. A ball. Then it is not important. " I do not know what to say. I knew Wayne was failing school, but that was Stewie. If he had a plan, as it was more serious. If a man want to use a weapon to hit, what it really means to do so. Other things such as drowning or taking pills, he says, to change his mind, a the last second. But I had the idea that n is dead by the end of tomorrow about his plan, which really meant Wayne. " I think you better tell your mother," he said. No one said anything. " He will do in the church," she finally said Guy. "So we have former can pray. Keep the churchTo open Services, after taking so is the gun and then clean. " " I have given my clothes to Guy, "said Wayne. " I to make peace with God and die. " I do not think it pleased God, was when Wayne went to church and blew his brains all over the altar. " Why are you doing ? "I said again. " I hate life. is " " is something we can do, man? "I asked. " Yes, Bud, "said Stewie. " Ls Girls Bbs I do not need anything, "said Wayne. Was quiet. Had resigned despair it. that gave him a pat on the shoulder awkwardly. " would do anything if we ", he said. not think we need much, so I got up again and we down the stairs. we sat in the back of the individual step that Wayne could not see us. " is true that he gave all his stuff ? "I asked. " Your CD and PS2 and cartridges, and all his books, " nodded individual ". I have not done yet. Taken said they were mine. " " Why should I do? "I said. " I do not know. He does not want to hang out sor more. He's just a in there, and heard, you know? Kill " " Do you, this is a mental illness, "he said. " How The brain chemicals are out of control. It is treatable with drugs. " " I do not believe in the mood to try Prozac, "said Guy. " Is he really going to do? "Asked Stewie. we saw Stewie. " I ", I said. I did not have much experience with suicidal people. I mean dead, except for the time that Shirley Blackett has almost. She got so mad at Kyle Colbert.. soaking your cake Mae West in her book of Spanish is the best man in the football team and he is on probation for aggravated assault, the he on purpose to annoy, who screamed. " I'll kill you " She was really s to drive. he would have killed him, so his expected Hadda. "There must be a reason, however," I said. " If we find of the reason, maybe I could help. Somehow we were able to solve. " " might be angry with Francine"Said Stewie. " Who is Frances ? " I asked. " The girl I used to go. " " How much time has passed? "I tried. " In the last winter. " " It was tough ? Dumped " " I do not think he had poured hard, "said Guy. " He just took off twice. It was kind of sore about it at the time, but he is not talking about it. " ", are their qualifications? " Stewie looked at me like I was crazy. " Wayne does not care about his notes. " ", their parents ? " " You are the same, as each time it is used. I mean, his parents n the game of dice. I do not want them, but do not act o different than usual. " We sat in a circle, knees almost touching, helpless in a knot. Guy bothered quite badly. Leaned his elbows on his knees and he a dim Ls Girls Bbs view of it. we all think about it. Wayne just roll along, ot apparently never tried anything. and now now suddenly began to care, to care so much I wanted to come to away from him really bad. there was no visibleThe reason for this. Wayne never had had no particular problem about everything he had. Never let anyone everywhere, not just the surface. " Something is the matter must be," he said. " Something is happening perhaps in and he does not say. Be kept secret. We are not told, that 's why. " "How can we find out there? " Guy said sharp. It sounded really annoying Now more than afraid. "do not know," I said " Perhaps it is a drug that is," said Stewie. "I heard that the guys that n lost control of alcohol or drugs, which can not face reality, knows. This will kill you. It's just, like, crack or something to do secret? " " Wayne does not think drugs, right? "I looked at Guy. " not know", said Guy shortly. " What is it? " Stewie required. "What would be a big secret is a guy wants to commit suicide? " There was a long Ls Girls Bbs pause. I thought of something and not telling. We look at each other and we all have the same kind of discomfort to our eyes faces. It was St. Ewie the words found. "You think you might be Ls Girls Bbs FAG ? " N " do not know! " I said shrilly. "No way ! " Guy said. "No way in hell. Not possible. Could not be. N No. Of course not. Oh, my God, I hope not. " " Yes I did with Francine. Y before that, in Year Angel before, "said Stewie. N "Wayne goes to girls. " "That was six months ago," said Guy. "I mean, he has to go with the girls , but not very often. Not much... " We look at the house behind us, because somewhere behind the house was the house that Wayne in was " he never said anything, he might" be gay, said Guy uncomfortable. "But then he would not say. Do not think I would. " I looked at Guy. I had never really looked like Ls Girls Bbs him so before. He had tried not to. I saw him try to assess whether n get , another boy was in love with him. individual was thin, elegant, very soft muscular and had a chin with a dimple in it. Yes, a lot of girls in love with him. Wa couldino keep an eye on your best friend? " if he is gay, I can not help it," said Stewie. "That is not ? If a man is gay, which has stuck with him? " Guy has a new look, alarm in his brown eyes. "Oh, no shit, I hope that gay," he said. His thoughts had gone well, where I s were. " I mean, he always liked to waste time. We beat each other, and falling to the ground and all that. But he did the last year months. It becomes less and less. Perhaps he nerve began to be about how I imagine that? "wine Terry around the corner at that time. He jumped off his bike and establishes that fell on the pavement with a crash that turn the wheels. It was and we waited to greet her. I saw the look on his face go from happy and hopeful and looking scared to hurt then, and then empty all, because all I did was sit and watch. He walked with his hands clenched in his pockets. "Hey guys," he said coldly. He leaned the wall of the garage doorsE. " Fuck," whispered Guy. " shit," said Stewie. " piss ", I said to keep pace. Terry raised an eyebrow. " Very depressed from today," he said. " Wayne is going to do himself," I said. Terry lost their fresh appearance and moved into a house occupied by us removed. "What? " He shouted. " is true," Stewie said sadly. " We do not know why. Type thinks Wayne is actually a bundle of wood. It is believed that the reason. But do not know. Wayne does not tell us. " " Wayne is a fruit? "Terry said. He looked at us. "What is out of himself? Really? How do you know how do you know that? " ", says Wayne, " Guy said. "He says he will kill morning. He made a plan. He has a gun to do with it. " Guy looked tired. " He gave Ls Girls Bbs me all his stuff. He says he wants me I have it. " " Oh, man, " said Terry. " He will because he is gay ? O man, do you think he found his parents? " " Wait a minute," I said uneasily, "I know he's gay. we are still fees. This does not mean he's gay, just because he is going to suicide. " " Yes, "said Stewie. " My dad 's father Wayne. Let me tell. I have heard what it says about fags. I know. If Wayne's father found of Wayne is a fag, Pow ! " Stewie hit his palm with his fist. " Wayne will be on the road so fast that only one will get what it takes to pack and gives a few black eyes. If I had killed if wanted to go, he would be dead. " " Oh, man, " said Terry. " is not your fault if he is gay, " Guy said miserably. " You have to see that. Not that Wayne has made ​​a choice to be like dass Maybe it was sexually abused or something when I was a kid, I do not know What makes a people so inclined. But it's not their fault. he can not help, as he is. " Terry had opened his eyes. " Their parents do not know yet? " " No ". Guy shook his head. " Thank God ! "Said Terry. " We still have a chance of n. What we are going to do? " He called. " do not know whatdo, " I said. " We're trying to s out. We do not know what just came out and themselves. We will try to and do something. Just do not know what yet. " " Let's find a way to help, right? "Guy called a wait. " You and I will find a way? " " n " Yes, I said. Stewie nodded Ls Girls Bbs vigorously. Terry repeated the nod. " Oh, man, "said Terry. " I had this idea, I mean I knew it was fed beginning of things. He did not come to his imprisonment. I knew that felt bad about things. But,wow ! He really has a gun on himself from ? " " is the weapon of his brother, "said Stewie. " right " I said. " Look. The rifle is a danger point, right? We can not let Wayne take the gun in church. Make sure that does not. Right? " All the boys nodded at me, but I was deep in thought. " And we have n to have someone stay with him tonight. We can not leave him alone at night good. You really should have someone with him now. " I looked at theAccommodation in question. "Most importantly, as we have done, before he engaged can. Matter what is always there, we know that does not allow pick up the gun. I mean, though we, the police or something. say " " so who goes to bed with him tonight ? " Stewie said. " " I told Guy once. "We've done that pair many, time in the week when we were in high school. I can do that. " " You're a FAG accident ? " Said Terry. " Fuck you ! " Guy replied grimly. " Ls Girls Bbs Hey," I said. "Wayne has since the start of the outbreak Boys a. Not like to me. " " I'll bring my sleeping bag, sleeping on the ground," said Guy. "Okay, but how can we stop it, forging, if we do there ? " Asked Terry. " We removed the gun from him," I said. Ls Girls Bbs "What is to stop for another? " Terry said. "I mean, if a man wants to do, Mike, there are many ways that he can do about it. Can thrown under a bus. He can make a noose and hanged himself. When Wayne No man will comeoutside of himself that he can find another way to do it, even if we do blow with his weapon. " " So we have to be with him, " I said. " We have to babysit ? "Said Terry. " But for how long ? I mean, how is help me? " " You can think of something! "I said. Terry not to get ideas. " My uncle killed a itself. Well, actually he was my uncle. He did it in his truck. He cancer and wanted to live, so he put his truck was doing of Ls Girls Bbs the road on purpose Ls Girls Bbs and did mourn my mother. But he was old. N should be, so it does not account for nearly 50o " Most of the time I have heard something interested. I have curiosity about things cruel. But that was not is the time. I tried to stretch my brain, and thinking about what we could do for Wayne. I did not want any person who had managed to listen to commit suicide. no I do not think this guy wanted to hear it. "How can we make this guy live again ? "I asked hoarsely. "This is what we discovered. as , we always live wanta guy? " " We are a girl and it can heal, a fag, "said Terry. " You're a stupid shit, Terry, " cried Guy. " This is not working. can not be cured of being gay. If you just bend this way bend. " " Yeah, "said Terry. He stood up and bowed and leaning let your wrist. He was funny on purpose, hoes. " I was born a gay man. I'm so inclined, " he shouted. " Who wants to kiss me, because I feel oh so low... " I thought I jumped up and Terry belts, so shut up, but all I did was Ls Girls Bbs harden and freeze with my half inch from the bottom of the no step. I began a thrust in the direction of Terry and then stopped. I could not go of defense fagots or kids that maybe it was as big as a dump for Wayne. Guy Ls Girls Bbs was who cut short. " we will do in his funeral Cakewalk Also Terry? "Done Terry and stayed there. Terry had a look at her nipples s face. Then he came and sat in silence,close to me that Guy. Just sat. I put my head in my fists and looked at the toes of Stewie sneakers and Guy frowned upon himself. He feels his mother, rhododendrons as he wanted to be brief. We were sitting there when Nicholas turned the corner. "Hey! " S said, brightening visibly at the sight of us. " Everyone, the new survivors trapped on TV last night ?" He chuckled. " When he removed the top of the bikini that just died... " His expression faded, the smiles are eliminated. He put his hands remains in the pockets at the other end of the unit and looked bleak. None of them spoke. " But I thought you liked Survivor," Nicholas said plaintively. " Wayne is in trouble, Nik, " I said. Nicholas brightened immediately. " Oh, poor fool! Did kicked outta school or what? " I shook my head. " You have to understand," said Guy slowly. "None of Wayne failure. None of this is all I can control what you do. As the genes you were born right? And depression, suicide, stuff is just as. It's brain chemicals. Right, Mike? " " right " I said. " Wayne is dead! "Nicholas lost his cheerful look. His eyes turned around and full of pain. " Oh, no! Suicide ? ? " " Not yet, " said Stewie. " But he will think, because Ls Girls Bbs he is gay and everyone hates. " " Tomorrow, " said Guy. " Do something ! "Nik shouted. "Mike! Do something ! What do you do to to stop a suicide? You're the doctor child. You should know ! " " do not know, "I said. " We try to think of something. " " Go there and tell him not to hate him! I do not care if he gay, "he shouted Nik. " We can not have sentenced him to death, because he is gay. He can even heal or something, or enter the ministry. You do not let them just kill each other! " " They think they do not care, Nik ? "Guy said bitterly. But Nik had stopped, his eyes rolling back. " Oh, no wonder that hides in gym lockers, such as cutting a kind. Migawd O in the last year we have actions of Haddaa closet ! You know how many times I naked around you? Oh my shit ! All those times he had to be on the lookout me. " He sat down heavily. The shock was so strong that his eyes remained round, as we watched. " Yes, why not just tell him not to blame s gay? "Said Terry. " We could tell that we have nothing against it, and we are still his buds and there is nothing to hide. If we are all up there in a group , and we say it together... " " right, "said Guy. Was a hard pitch. " Do not say you can not blame them, gays. Ls Girls Bbs "I said. " That sounds as you think it is their fault. " Terry looked concerned. Exists N " We say we love is our root, which is like the rest of the to us. He is our friend, right? No matter what, "said Guy. " Do not tell Wayne that I love him, "said Nik. " I will tell you that you can to be gay, if you will, but not just for me. He already has a thing for my ass s. When I see him I like to say you will think I have a thing for ass of his s. I can not say that I have hereGo to a fagot! " " Needless to say that you love him, "said Guy suddenly. " You n ot in this at all. " " I do not want Wayne dead, " protested Nik. N" I do not want that n to my ass. " " What do you think that Wayne Gay means Ls Girls Bbs that after your ass ? "Chico said. " You know nothing. Not even suspected he was gay, or know that he meant to kill until I said it. It is after his ass. " ", is your ass? "Nik said. " Ooh migawd individual,! Are you going to left him ? " " Of course not leave it ", he was Nik individual. " We have to stop talking and go back up there, " I said. " The boys ? I s, it is a shock and all that. But come on, we get the plan? You want to sit here talking about it and now he is alone there, alone the feeling that maybe he will? This shit is not an argument with us. We are trying to save a life. " " Yes, "said Terry. " Going back there, Wayne does not say kill you, is not so bad that he "s gay. We say no On the other hand, have gays in our group at all. " " Do not tell her you do not mind, "he said. " Well, let's say you do not take care of us, "said Terry. N " says he wants to go a suicidal man who has no interest? " This guy is s voice continued. " You stupid turkey ! Terry is silent, you are stupid Ls Girls Bbs shit ! You can come with us. You can nod. But if you open your the mouth, I 'll take care of my hand to her throat when I put Their almond stuck in the ankle! " was so powerful that we say nothing. Guy had been, up. " Right "he said. " What am I supposed to say? Just look at this. What to say and who says that? " No. He looked around. " Guy I can not say ass, but you can still hang with us, "said Nik. Terry nodded, but he spoke slowly and watched careful. " Yes, we say we will not let anyone know, we learned that have a secret, only a Ls Girls Bbs few of us. Tell her not to tell anyone about the problem of n. " " Do not tellhe has a problem, "he said. " So now is Ls Girls Bbs like a big guilty secret shame to be told that will not Ls Girls Bbs admit it ? "Guy looked bad. His voice trembled and not sound getting into trouble. " I say we should be ashamed of ? It is people like you.. " He stopped. He could not speak. We all had risen. Terry moved behind me. " Umm... Mike, "said Terry. N big breath in. " Ls Girls Bbs Ahh... Stew ? Why not go up there, right now and sit with him. But it says nothing about who we are Planning. You want to stay alone with him, no matter where it goes, as if out, to go along with it. Because it can not be alone. "I took Stewie, because many of us it was he who was executed in the mouth less. I just had the best chance to have something to say that Wayne would fall right to carry on the edge. " and Nik ? You can go chasing his brother Wayne, and ask, you can borrow your gun ? You do not say anything about seeing Wayne as suicidal, just Miller'll when you can have, and we can hide it, make sure you do not get Wayne. " " OK, " said Nik. " And Terry, you can look in the phone book to see if there's anything suicide crisis line. You call them and Wayne. Therefore, we can can be advised by an expert and have it anonymously so you do not get in trouble right n Wayne, ? " " Cool, "said Terry, with a nod. " I say I'm gay and I suicidal thoughts, and unsuspecting. " " What we do, Mike? "Said Guy. " I'll have some more Ls Girls Bbs information, "he said. " You can come to me. And we'll all meet here in an hour, all of us, except for Stewie, to create has to stay with Wayne. " " right, "we had guys on a mission. Not sit seriously hard especially in the area. When Terry turned, he heard a sob in the voice of his s". "I... I think I 'm gay and I want to die! " Looked individual Terry when Terry went to the exercise of its lines. " suppository," he said. "What? " Said Guy. " uvula not. Your tonsils. You will receive a uvulstuck in a fist. " child of a doctor. I know the right words and it bothers me when someone wrong. type, but I glared have to. " You can not think something other than girls at a time like this ? " Guy did not want to come with me when I got home, sat down to in front and went our way I met my father on the stairs when he Ls Girls Bbs down. n stopped me and meant it. " are you okay, Mike? " " Sure, Dad, " I said. " Do you have good books on preventing suicide? " Said If not for a moment, a kind of frozen mouth, as he thought on their books. " There is a yellow on the Ls Girls Bbs bottom shelf with a chapter in psychiatric crisis, " said carefully. "Why do you want to of knowledge? " " There is no reason, " I lied, and ran up the stairs to find the book. Terry was the last of us to return to the post- Guy was. it s breath away. "Anything that helps ? "I looked up. N " Nope. They told me where I could get some brochures, "said Terry bitterly. " And I'mto Ls Girls Bbs ground. My mother phoned me told the guy that I was gay and now I'm not allowed to leave the house all week. " You could see that few of us. " You can find information on any new cutting edge treatment that can cure a gay man, Mike? " " Being gay is not a medical condition due to illness, Terry, " I said. " It's like the black or African American. It is not something to cure you. " " not found anything, huh ? " Nik Terry again. " Do you? Any luck ? " Nik shook his head. " I think maybe something Miller suggested. "I said. " I not have said what I wanted for the gun, but he was angry. He began to ask me all kinds of questions, like why I wanted the damn thing to borrow, n and saw what I want to borrow, and I know how to use a firearm as n me. " " What did you say ? "I said. " I did not say anything, "said Nik. " I said I had to have, s been very important. And he said I could borrow his gun, and when I is a kind of a major problem, then I'm suremind could not borrow. I I do not know what he thought, but I looked with suspicion and not to even consider it. I think he took the key. " " This is not good, "he said. " What did I would use his gun ? " Nik is regretted. Terry said grimly down. " Toast of Wayne. And I hate funerals. I can not go his funeral. I will mourn. I'm like a kitten when I have to go to the funeral of Wayne, I'll be crying like a baby or something. " I thought that such would be a bit hard too fast to count Terry to give up. But he sat and watched. Was staring into the face of his s. I Ls Girls Bbs put hand on the Ls Girls Bbs guy 's shoulder and squeezed it. " one might think that Miller was afraid to lend me his gun," Nik laments. "I know, the type rarely I know who I am, but I was not there to lose. A weapon such as This is a great thing. I just it somewhere and forget about it. " " Mike? "Said Guy. " Yeah? "I said. " I think Wayne is really feel truly alone. Since I had too take Lifaith. And no one to help him carry. " This guy is not me. " And I think he felt so long. I can tell you I do! be there for him. I Ls Girls Bbs can tell you over and over again, but this is not the same as be there for him. " " I think it's useful when you are ready to care, "I said helplessly. " Even if can not really do anything. I think it helps if you say that you care. " " Weapons are sound. They are made of metal. It was not like I wanted to break ", Ls Girls Bbs said Nik. " Terry, I know, you look like the kind of person would be given weapons another man and then break ? " " You break everything you borrow, "said Terry. " You broke my Game Boy. " " I think we really need to do something. " The boy turned and looked at me. " We've been trying, Guy, " I said. " I just got grounded for it. Earth ' s Terry available " at the end of this week, the Sabbath, Terry, " I said. "This is the end of this week. " "I am a neighbor," said Nik. "It's not like I was a stranger. Miller knows me. My father, our loanLawnmower for everyone in the neighborhood. " " is the thing, "said Guy. " No matter how we say it is just words. a jerk... "- It was Terry -. "... is also something to say makes Ls Girls Bbs it sound like we laugh and we do not care. We something really, really do something useful. " " How do you give a card? "I said. " I think one of us has to sleep with him, "said Guy. " But you 're sleeping with him tonight, "said Terry, with a voice of. scream "I mean, we're talking dream, right? Only sleep ? " individual saw him again and his face said it all. " I mean, o one of us has to have sex with Wayne. " " Oh my God, " said Nik. The mouth Terry was open. " Uh -uh, no way. I can not do. I can not do that. I can not do. I can not do. You can forget all it. I will not be me. I like, I really worry about Wayne. No, I , but it was a suicide pact and took it with me. Uh -uh. No way to Guys. I can not do that! "Said Nik. His words fell at once. "Really interests of Wayne. But he would commit suicide if I did that. Want to donate a kidney? OK. I'll donate a kidney. But it's not me... not my ass " \\ \\ n " We have to convert all gay? " Terry stayed. " We can not tell with words," said Guy. "We have tried, from which I could think about what that. I said all I could think of it now. It is enough. There should be more than words. " " Who fuck with Wayne? "I said. " I " Did Nik. " Do you volunteer, Guy ?" I said slowly. individual Ls Girls Bbs looked down. He put his hand to the neck. He nodded, his head gently. " Yes, if that's what I do for Wayne, will be take care of him, no matter what. " All I could think was that Wayne was a lucky bastard, hopefully not because \\ \\ n guy was a true friend. I was Ls Girls Bbs Guy. " It is life or death, Mike: " He saw me blink. I nodded. " is contagious," said Nik. " I do everything possible to prevent the death of Wayne," said Guy. " I have never felt gay for him. I have aView was gay for anyone. Wayne is my root. He is my best friend. It's my roots for 11 years, two months and nine days. I 'm going to do , which has to be. I do not want gays to have sex with him. But be Wayne alive I would even go to school and blow Dinkweilder Lord! " " Eww. " The Ls Girls Bbs idea of ​​our chemistry teacher sent a collective shudder for which many of us. Nik turned a little green. " I do not think Wayne'll half as bad as theirs, " I said. " If it were Wayne or Dink, I would go for Wayne himself, " said Terry strong. Ls Girls Bbs had difficulty breathing, though. n " you think going to work? "Said Guy. " would work for me, "he said. N " I want it back as it was before, "said Guy. ", will be if your mouth is money friend, "he said. " This is not the only place that does it all the mouth, " Terry. " What will you do if he, Guy? Spit or swallow run? " instead of bands Terry, Guy clenched his eyes together. Was his turn Terry in the glare. " You need not know, Terr " I said. " comes to mind when I drink it will cost less? " Guy said weakly. " Hey, you have to use a condom. It is as a rule with gay sex. "I said : " How to protect him. None of you do anything without a condom until both get tested for AIDS and becomes no. " I thought it would calm guy, but I took a look sick. " You I think I will have to continue doing so, make a difference? " " will help, " I said. " I'm sure that will help me. However, many times. I mean, can not doubt , you agree that, for him. He needs to know that you accept it. " " But what if I... Guy ' S could not get out again. " What if ? " He looked bad, so I asked. " What I cringe when ?" Said Guy, in agony. "What if I stay, and he sees it ? What will think of Wayne, if I want to kiss itself or something and then I was an idiot ? Oh, my God, what if I I try to do and I can not ? " " Ooh, Gawd ! " Nik response. " would do anything for him, but I do not know if I can. Never wanted to do somethingg gay. How I can get to shit and gave him the wrong idea of keeping as a whole? " " Well, do it with the lights off, "said Terry. " Then you will not see wince. And then you will not see it, so you might be able to write before with a girl. " " If I can go out and not hide it raised Wayne could end up feeling worse than ever before! "Guy said. " Ooh, Guy ! "Nik said. " They will kill you if you vomit ! " " I will not throw up ! " He looked Nik individual. " I'm afraid so ! wince ! This is not the same as vomiting. There is no reason to throw up. " " You may, if he reaches the back of the throat, "said Terry. Guy was refrozen. Thought to intervene, the better. " Hey, at least Guy come in handy with some of you can do. It's not like we're trying to do help, Terry. "Twisted Terry a look of pain on me. " I try to help. I deal with Wayne Also, you know? But the man has to recognize what is expected. He must to be prepared. " " What? "I said. " They think it's so important? Not that big deal. As we have all seen each other naked to the lockers. We all around, touching each other ranking. Suddenly there is a big problem, because will go a little more? It's like a medical examination, as a doctor has to touch the balls and see smooth. Nothing will happen to this guy can not handle. While he has condoms, Guy will be prepared. " " Yeah? "Said Terry. " You mean there was nothing Wayne Guy, the last couple the years have been, and keep it secret, kept him ? Let me tell you, if you have the opportunity Guy 's ass, it will be like sitting in a volcano. He's a guy gets hit very hard not to sit for a week. " " He is not! "I said. " Oh boy, I 'm glad I 'm not going to be, "said Nik in a weak voice. Terry shook his head " Wayne has an idea Guy, Mike. Spend much time n to him from the beginning. Do not you think Wayne has feelings for Guy? You do not know much about your friends. " " Yes, I think, WayneGuy has feelings, "I said. " But we will not know for sure , has an eye on Gay Guy. And even if he has a gay crush Guy, is it not enough, is far from exploding ? Do you think it individual violation n'll ? Come on, have sex, remember these two are friends. It is as Guy in turn, for some horny hairy ass hanging uncles motorcyclists. It is only for Wayne Crissake. " " You're cooler than I am, " Terry said. I looked at Guy. " All " was n He nodded silently. n "OK, man? Okay, " he said. " If you have a condom? " that was not answered. Guy was looking at the tips of his sneakers. Shook his head s. Terry was a shrug mobile clutched two pages No ears. " right. " I said. " Who has the money? " was a general rummaging. I had five dollars, was Terry many Nik silver and had twelve cents. Guy had n no money for it at all. " a vending machine in the mall, " said Terry, with a frown to his quarters. " I think I could get one with this. " " We need two, "he said. " Two? "Nik looked strong. " What do you need two for ? Individual will make Wayne do it twice ? " " all, " he said. " Oh. "Nik slightly bent down. " So you want to take 'em up at the pharmacy in any case. Sometimes turn out to be crunchy, if you got ' em machine than anything else. They have long, well beyond their best have been the day before. " " OK. Let's go. "We have a last look at the building we could not see Run n man behind the house and the mall. At the pharmacy opened the way Nik directly to the back corner, near the pharmacy counter. was a frame was full of brightly colored boxes, with suggestive names. " Wow," said Terry, half squat. "There are lots of them. Sheikh, of excitement... Dong thong? EW ! I do not think we need a pack with 24 Dong Thongs. " " What kind ? "Is Guy said. " Ls Girls Bbs are the same, only purple, "says Terry. "... This Sheesh things are expensive. " " Get a Six Pack "to advise, Nik. " That's the least we sell in aBox. " " super - sensitive... "Terry read aloud. But I was looking sideways Nik ". Cherry Picker with spermicide... flavored lubricant. " " Hurry, "said Guy. " Pick something you? We all transition. They will come up and kick us out. " " What they want is the small rubber hair on them ? "Asked Terry. " You do not get that way just ' em level, "said Nik. " Ls Girls Bbs The lubricated matter is serious. It tastes terrible, so hot. ".. person turned his head, the pair of us were looking at Nik " Orgasm - Stud, twelve super strong latex condoms with two gifts for the the same price... Endura... What is it? They make ' em sheepskin ? natural membrane ? Yah mean these things are made from the entrails of a sheep? " Overwhelmed, Terry dropped his hands to both sides. " I can not believe that it. Bio- condoms ! All that is now organic. " " Forget it ! "Said Nik. " They are not strong enough, and these are the way of the expensive. Just grab one of those red boxes, Down on the corner. This is the cheapest way, and are quite strong. " " What brand? "Said Terry, " How do you know so much about gum to know? " " I never realized what they are brand names. They are exactly the type in the red background box, "said Nik. Now turn Terry, his head spinning. We Everyone looked at Nik. He met her eyes wide with theirs. the secret of his s was out. Nobody said anything as he watched, his digestive know- how. we all went down in disgust. " Oh NIK " he said. "Are you still buy 'em make water balloons ? You are not yet in high school! " He hung his head. " Pick a number! "Guy. Hissed Terry took the box from deep red. 'and Y - K " I said grinning, grabbed a tube of lubricant and Terry ". are four dollars! "He said. " We will have enough money, if that is four dollars ? "There was a precipitous melting of coins and counting. " If you do not hurry, we will be expelled, " said Guy. Was in your ears. I counted how quicklys I could. " Six dollars, 35 cents... 60 cents, 85 cents... We enough," he reported. As we turned we were faced with pharmacists. He was old and wrinkled, and he had been watching from his counter. He gave us the nod. Terry was bright red. Nik turned to the color of tomatoes. I turned the color of the box of condoms and bleach individual. We rushed to the cash register. guy really was not as good as we got back from the mall. I was and saw him with anxiety, worried. He had the right color stay with him, rather pale, and looked like his eyes were far out of focus from time to time. There was more or less stopped talking. that stood behind his house again. " right" I said. "Now we have said it better, Ls Girls Bbs make sure that Wayne was not going anywhere, and make sure you are well. We... I guess I'd better get off Stewie we will tell you what we decided. and then, you know, wherever you are ready. Is that kind okay ? " wasI have a break and then a nod. " Should I go ?" I said. "Can not it all depends. " I approached the back door of Wayne. His mother was in the kitchen, blowing smoke. His eyes twinkled, as I meandered, but not change the expression on his face. I tried not to clomp up the stairs. " Stew" Stewie was sitting at one end of Wayne 's bed with a magazine in hand Wayne and sat in front of his head with the other journal. They looked at both. Stewie was. "Are you brother is good ? " I told Wayne. looked at me. "mind," he said. " We'll be back. " went down. Stewie said nothing as he followed me to the back House Guy step. The boys were Ls Girls Bbs all looking uncomfortable on the legs, starting with grass. Stewie looked at the bunch of us after a another. ", you say? " Said Terry. " No". I turned to Stewie. Terry beat me to. " We will show that we do not mind Wayne that is gay. One of us has to have sex with him. " Announced. VStewie Ery nodded slowly. "Cool," he said, almost absent. "What s one of us? " " Uh... " I looked at Guy. He had turned pale again. " Mike? " Guy said quietly. I have it on stage before he collapsed, he sits with his head in the knee. "Breathe deeply," I advised. "Once more deeply. Deep. " was a few minutes before Guy could get his head back. By then, the boys had formed a circle around it. " He will not be able to do it," said Nik. " You see ? He will not be able to. It is not up to it, a simple type. " " Then who should? " Stewie said. "Let's luck ? " " Oh No !" Said Nik. "No way, no drawing, not a straw. I shot in the n in front of a train Ls Girls Bbs of Wayne, but I think the ass. Uh -uh. You can forget it. I can not do. you do not need to look at me! I can do n it. guys, please. have you found someone. of course not something else. I can not have Wayne has his ass. is the All you donkey. can not. excuse. I can not. " was in the backyard. "They wanted to do, Guy ? " Stewie said. " Yes," said Guy. "I am. I do not know why I feel weird, like this. Too much coffee this morning, maybe. And I was like breathing, no and the Law Wayne told me. " He gave me a shaky smile. " You're hyperventilating, man," he said. n " He can not do it," Stewie. " I'm really sorry, Mike, " said Guy. Ls Girls Bbs "I have really wanted to make me it. But if Wayne hurts more than it already... I can not live with a even if he dies. " Terry and Stewie and I met the eyes of the man 's head. "I think we have to go straws," he said. " I'm going home ! " Nik said aloud halfway across the yard. " Shut up, Nik ! " I cried. " Nobody does it lots. This is a voluntary. You hear ? " I looked around the kids. "The only those of us who have participated in this are those who have volunteered. Can you believe, This is not, for whatever reason, that's fine. We have to do n of his reason. you do not need to do this. " " What we dohere exactly? " Stewie asked. N " Let's luck, "I said. " And one of us gets the short straw to , which goes back to Wayne and... " " He leaves the show ass fucking Wayne still loves him, although he completed a roulette homosexual with a band of suicidal, " Terry. Guy was so sudden the top of his head almost hit me in the chin n ". Terry ! You will not take but one of the straws ! "He saved Terry away from their clenched fists. " I'll kill you! Do not get too close to go to Wayne! " " But I fuck myself, " Terry protested. " It's one of my friends too. I take care of him, even if he is gay and died in the same mentally. " had both hands. Individual followed him gravely. Stewie and I looked Ls Girls Bbs at each other. N " Father ! It hit him in the face! " Nik shouted. Ls Girls Bbs " Wayne does not like, if has it all! pressed " " Wayne wants to fuck me? " Stewie said slowly. Not answer, I know I could not think why not. I mean, Stewie has a face that looks a bit like a custard ªwhen there are still long, fat and flabby, and some. cracks in it, with a nose that seems to be reduced because it is too small for the rest of their duties and we have asked all the girls at school among all freshmen year to see if we can set a date for Stewie and we said no, always very well that did not happen here,. What kind of unfair because Stewie can not help his face, and is not the brightest of the village idiot either, but if a girl is sometime with him I am sure you treat her right. And below the neck is not so bad. I do not think girls always look at the neck of a guy, but I s doing, and if Wayne did, he would know that Stewie has this circular smooth muscle, somehow set in its frame, and not was nothing wrong with his tail, which was is a long way to big. But I could not walk, to say that Stewie. Apart from forever to explain that he could not say, gosh yes, I have looked in the time of many bodies, and you have a great body. Sor said, " I do not know, Stew. " shrugged. "We can get at straws," he said. " Are you? " I asked. "will not", he said, and he shrugged again. " But you think that will help to , I will. " Terry and Guy had completed their circuit of the farm. Terry was up behind me again and Guy was facing me with his fists no excited and tried to look through me Terry. " We need a few straw, Guy, " I interrupted. " You want to come and break Offa some of her mother's broom ? We have a little straw to get what we draw. " " Terry, I'll break your breasts, if you opt for a of these straw go! that I hear? not going to say you love Wayne ! " waved a fist individual next to my ear. He was too crazy to carry out its threat was physiologically impossible. " But I like to Wayne," bleated Terry. "... His car when it is unpleasant, it is try to be unpleasant, it is natural for him, disgusting," " Straws, Guy :" I held between the pair of them. If guy brought the straws that were pink, and only about two inches time. His mother Ls Girls Bbs had a broom made of nylon. We had to send it back Ls Girls Bbs for a couple scissors and we have been able to cut a different size. Stewie was stubborn while Guy did the trimming. I looked at Stewie. He stood there, but could not. It was I thought it would be him or me, and they were pretty small fees. He had a little voice in my head, put into operation. That's it. you that is laid flat. You have a 50 Ls Girls Bbs per cent in the set next few minutes. I thought the expression Ls Girls Bbs on my face with an effort, but felt as if my eyes were always bigger than that was really cool. " Only two straws," said Guy. " I'm not going to let a party dinkus n it. " Terry kept looking. " Terry does not have boobs, Guy, " I said mechanically. "Only girls have breasts ". I managed to raise his eyes irritated by Terry. He turned his head slowly to me. He had a look of disbelief. " You can not think ot about somethingher as a girl and sex, Mike? " I hit him with a glazed look. I was not thinking about girls, though I was thinking about sex. It could be. I Stewie. Me. Please let it be \\ \\ n me. guy lifted his chin and his own. He held two pink fibers. seemed only a pink fiber. Stewie and hesitated hands outstretched. had straw broom between two fingers and thumb to take y rub before breaking apart. had a in the grip of guys. Stewie is raised, the hand of his great fists curiously delicate. your straw seemed rather short but then I did. " Who has ? "Nik she asked breathlessly. " I ", I said. Had deceived me. It was I wanted to win so much, but Stewie said he would not. And I was pretty sure that was more intelligent as Stewie, because virtually no one better than stew. Wayne could not think it was a lot of gestures when guys ugliest of our group released to him, as a half consolation prize. all watching me. "You know,, No Ls Girls Bbs big deal, "I said. " Bodies... Body cavities. All you need do is remember to keep it Safe Sex. ' S My voice was not perfect, however. " Can you do it, Mike? " Guy said simply. " Uh -huh," I said. I nodded. My gesture was at least stable. I turned around about. " You have condoms, however, Terry? " " Yes, " placed on them. " I owe for ever," said Guy. " Remember, Mike. I have, if I could. He could not risk fucking in some way. Would you try it - do not do anything, you can not, but I try correctly. " smiled wryly. I have the K -Y and the box of condoms in my jacket. " I see," he said. " He sacrificed his own body to save his friend," said Nik. " he is to bow legs, when we see it coming ! " Said Terry. The ground seemed strangely far as Guy went home. the last I heard was Terry. " Fuck me ! " He said. "This is 05 and my clock the mother, probably will have been out of the store for a hoUR and had already to earth... ! " I'm doing this for Wayne, I thought. What he needs me to do, I to do so. I was ready. Down The sun had begun. Somehow the morning ny afternoon had dragged almost disappeared. My shadow long walk front of me. When I opened the kitchen door had old food smells in the House and darkness was upon the back stairs. and then, on the stairs I remembered that there was no evidence that Wayne was gay. Yes, he had said it was suicide, but did not have the faintest suggested he was interested in child, or for each one of us. he had said his life s sucked, and we were the only ones who had decided that he must have had some reason and a secret. I had no proof that was really gay. it was an all in the head, put an intense series of wild guesses made ​​by our own fear and terror and a desperate search for a reason. Suppose, he was not gay all? Oh my God, I thought. If I say that yes, he will laugh me. But I could notdo. He might be gay. Maybe I need. And I could not the stairs back down to the kids and tell them you know what? I decided, but Wayne is not gay. Even if I could, I could not go when they leave Wayne alone. You have to take half an hour has to pull the straw, which hunt by Guy Terry across the yard. I opened the door. The room was dark, the sun was under the trees, but Wayne clearly visible. He lay on his side, even reading a more in the dark. " Hello" I said. " Hello, Michael. " " We are afraid for you, " I said. " And we care. Not want to kill itself. We've been talking all day, trying to do some thinking things work for you to fix what went wrong. " I sat me in bed , close to their knees. Wayne sighed. He looked at me, listen to your head to the side, but s said nothing. " We wondered Ls Girls Bbs if he had a secret brother. If there is anything to do in which we know Ls Girls Bbs nothing. " Stretched my hand. Hhand was very weak and warm. Tome it. " Is there a mystery, all we can do for you ?" I said. Wayne shook his head. " We... " I tried and I had to start all over again. "We were talking about, although it is possible that he did drugs and were to be incorrect. But Guy has said he would not. Y then we talk and think that maybe gay brother, and that was it. And that I thought we would have said if so, by what we have here who sent me. we straws. Because if you're gay and you just feel then I will to be there to you, and I will have sex with you, what you want. I n or I'm going to suck, or fuck. I'll get to feel good, but that like it. you care so much to we go... " Wayne had begun a noise now, somehow, so I grabbed broke. that could not breathe away. For a moment he thought he was laughing, because I would expect. "I'm not gay! " He said. And then he said, "truly, drew straws to me? " " Yes, I won," he said. And then I realized that I was to mourn, so I came to the bed and hugged him as he would if he had told me he was gay and he s wanted me to hold him. I sat there and held him while yelling. " You would do that for me? " He said. No. "You could do this for me ? " " is the least we can do," he said. Wayne does not seem to find s all fun. He just cried her eyes out. So I have to promise not going to kill her and then, if most of the screams, I got put on his sneakers and down the stairs me. The boys were still gathered Guy House, and Terry. that s when collapsed. I thought Wayne 's arm. The boys had all with the big eyes on her as she had hoped that I'm dead, maybe fucked death. " He's not gay," he said. N " It's just... There must be a brain chemical something, that's all. " " We must come to Prozac," said Wayne. "It is not the answer. Perhaps not even help, but we have all you can try to help. You have to talk to someone about it. "Individual sent to his home in stroke of his mother's cell phone. So I called the emergency number in the hospital, and I said was our friend who needed a little help from psychiatry. But she said she s that Prozac could not, could not see a doctor until Monday. It may be admitted only to keep him until then, under observation, and sedation, if needed, because it was Saturday. " He should not be in a hospital," he said. " He needs help. " I entertained myself for a while and told Wayne. They asked lots of questions. But he said if we stayed with him, and if I promise, not to kill himself, had been carried out so it was not objectively in the woman I talked like my father. She said he could get appointment Monday, but did not know what time on Monday. But then Guy said he would call back because her Ls Girls Bbs mother in need, go into the night. So I had to leave a message is the number of women wasI call back. Guy was sitting right in the vicinity of Wayne on the step. They were playing with your knees together, and shoulders closely s. " You do not have anywhere near the gun, according to Wayne? " Nik said. "No Do not touch the gun. You do not have to think about it. " "will not", said Wayne. He was a little short because Nik was loud, and that was annoying. " I'm Wayne 's house," said Guy, " If you wanta call, tell us what is time of appointment. " "Whose going to go on a date with him? "Terry said. "It will be during school hours. " "I will go," roared Stewie. " I like my cut classes in the morning anyway. " " I will," said Guy. "I've never cut a class before. You working on arrests throughout April, Stew. I can cut my classes and I'm probably going to not be asked, even to friends " " it's all in but now ? " Terry said. He stood up, rubbed shoulders for some reason, as if he was cold. " Are you okay, because the night ? " " Yes," I smiled. "I think it 's fine at night. " " THat is good, " Terry said," Because I go to the end of the world Month I am now, I know. I do not start this afternoon after I my mother on the phone. I can not in a position for long, long time to see, long time unless they come to school. " So he went and we disperse all boy stay in Wayne. I went home. was long past time was for dinner, but maybe my mother had kept me a little. n My Mother in the kitchen. "Where 's Daddy? "I asked. " he is at work, " he said. Ls Girls Bbs " Did you call? " " No, I'm fine. " I slid into a chair at the kitchen table. You saved me something. It was sauteed broccoli and put it in the microwave. " His father called me, "he said. "He said he could pass for a bit of a difficult time right now, you should check in on you if you want talking. If all goes well, Mike? " " Uh- huh, " nodded. Could smell heat the pan slowly, and smelled good. But I kept my eyes. " Yes, Mom , " inHelp. "I promise, everything is A- OK, there is nothing in and I'm happy with life. Right? " " Well," he smiled. My mother is very pretty when she smiles. And then the bell rang phone, so we wanted to get, I pulled the broccoli from the pan the microwave. He had red peppers in it, and almonds and things. I do not know why, healthy or not, that was about to drool me. She was only on the phone listening for about two minutes. Then extended to me. " is the clinic nurse suicide prevention," said my mother. " She says she emergency at Ls Girls Bbs the earliest possible date is available on Monday, n 31 at 9 to 10 hours and who wants to know, you can expect that the n time? " \\ \\ N end of History nbnet ruthless. Note : ca
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